Blessed Harvest Home!

I’ve been busily crafting and writing. I just finished a wedding present for some beloved friends, but I can’t post the pictures until after they recieve it! My harvest this year is one of both the fruits of my gardening labour and also of happy lessons learned during the bright half of the year. Tomorrow I plan on posting about all the kitchen witchery I’ve been up to lately – harvesting from the garden, brewing mead, and cooking feasts… Until […]


From The ABC’s of Witchcraft by Doreen Valiente: “The moon goddess Lilith is the archetypal seductress, the personification of the dangerous feminine glamour of the moon. Like Hecate she is a patroness of witches; but where Hecate is visualized as an old crone [now known as incorrect, the ancient Greeks viewed Hecate as a lovely maiden], Lilith is instead the enticing sorceress, the beautiful vampire, the femme fatale. Her loveliness is more than human; but her beauty has one strange […]

The Master Key to Occult Secrets

The Master Key of Occult Secrets: A Study of the Survival of Primitive Customs in a Modern World with Sources and Origins by Henri Gamache published in 1945. An ebay find for which I have been waiting in anticipatory glee to come in the mail, and it arrived yesterday! It is essentially a typed manuscript of spells Gamache collected in the New World, aka the United States. While it does contain spells and recipes for hoodoo work, The Master Key […]

The Witches Charm

Documented by folklorist Walter Traill  Dennison in the 1880s in the Orkneys, Scotland: “The Witches’ Charm” is a dedication ritual to the witch gods from whom the petitioner wishes to attain magical powers. During the full moon, go to a solitary beach on the sea. Turn yourself around three times witherlins and lay down on the beach at the ebb — the area between high and low tide. Place a stone at each of your outstretched hands and feet, one […]

Cunning Folk

Other Names: Cunning Man/Woman, Wise Woman/Man, Cunning Craft, Cunning Art, Pellar, Fairy Doctor, Spae Wife, Spaecraft, Mother Red Cap, Conjuror, Sorceror, Wizard, and others. Definition & History Who better than to define Cunning Folk than Dr. Owen Davies, a researcher of witchcraft and the role of the Cunning Folk in the British Isles: “Cunning-folk, who were also known as wise-women, wise-men, conjurors and wizards, were an integral part of English society right up until the early twentieth century. Over the […]