Crafting Spell Candles

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Spell Candles
I spent all day yesterday making five different kinds of spell candles. My own method for making spell candles for candle magic is quite different than any I’ve heard or read about, so I thought I’d share it in case it speaks to anyone else.

Waxes, Wicks & Oils

To start, I cut up all the colours of wax I was going to use and separated the blends into different baggies. I used a cutting board and knife I didn’t mind getting covered in wax – for crafts only! Then I braided all the wicks by hand, half with handspun flax thread one of my many cousins made, and half with red cotton thread to be used with the red and pink candles. After measuring and cutting up the wicks, I sorted them with the colour of wax they will be dipped in. I then made oil blends for the wicks corresponding to the magical purposes the candles will be used for, by blending essential oils and my own homemade magical oils, and then soaked the wicks in each blend. The idea is that the spell is the braided wick, as knot magic is one of the oldest forms of magic, and the wax is the fuel providing energy for the spell. Having the wax’s colour correspond to the purpose of the spell fuels the wick with the energy vibration of the spell – as colours have their own energy vibrations. When the candle is burned, the colours and the oils are released, therefore releasing the spell.

Soaking the Wicks in the magical oil blends

Hand Dipping Candles

Once the wicks were ready, I filled up a stainless steel pot with hot water, put a cake cooling rack on the bottom so the glass jars don’t touch the burner and explode. Once the wax in the jars melted I took them out, and placed them on a piece of wood, and started hand dipping. I do this because when the wax is too hot it will start melting the candles you’re trying to dip instead of adding more wax to them!

Money, Healing or Protecting, and All-Prupose Spell Candles

Ever a practical and frugal witch, I used two wine bottles and a stick of rowan as my drying rack for all the candles. The only thing that matters is having the right height, so the candles aren’t touching the counter, and the right width of stick so the candles don’t touch either while drying and get stuck together. And then voila, you have your very own completely handcrafted spell candles! I ended up with six gold & yellow liquid sunshine candles, eight pink love & passion candles, six green money/prosperity candles, ten red protection & healing candles, and lastly six all-purpose spellwork beeswax candles. All of the candles are a mix of parafin and beeswax, and the essential oils used were organic. I love these little stubby candles!

The Finished Candles

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    Thank you very much! Cool site you have too, I’ve heard good things about your courses.


  • Die hexe says:

    Bonjour !
    Cela fait à peu près deux ans que je te suis sur ce blog. Je le trouve vraiment particulier et j’ai beaucoup de plaisir à te lire.
    Seulement pour cet article là, je n’ai pas tout compris ^^
    C’est au moment de mouler la cire, je n’ai pas compris comment tu faisais avec le morceaux de bois. Tu étale la cire dessus et tu la roule avec tes doigts ?

    Merci de m’éclairer, je les trouve très jolies et j’aimerai m’y essayer.

    Die Hexe