The Green Witch Wand

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The Green Witch Wand

Here is another carved wand I’ve been working on. It’s carved from lightning-struck black maple wood from my parent’s homestead. I’ve carved it with rowan, hawthorn leaves and berries, fern fiddleheads, and a runic symbol for the Earth is carved at the base of the wand above the fiddlehead finial. This wand is painted with eco-friendly woodstains and polished with a beeswax and almond oil mixture which brings out the natural colour of the black maple wood.

Details of hawthorn, serpent, and ferns

All the plants carved onto this wand have a long history in mythology and folklore of being associated with magic, witchcraft, and the Otherworld. Lightning-struck wood is supposed to be full of powerful magical potency, perferct for a blasting rod or wand used for directing energies – whether the purpose be for healing or to send out a working.  I love this wand, I’ve had the sketch for it sitting in my notebook for well over a year and I’m so glad I made it real. Now I want to make more plant and nature based wands. It reminds me of the birch cane I carved for my grandmother.

Fern fiddlehead finial

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